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ATD Show Booth Assignment Process

When applying for space, please review the Contract Terms & Conditions and the Exhibit Rules & Regulations.

Booth assignments are processed using the following criteria, only if the application & deposit is received by May 24, 2019. Applications & deposits received after May 24, 2019 will be subject to availability and processed by date of receipt only:

  • Total number of priority points accumulated by applicant (Note: Up to three Priority Points can be earned each year by way of 1) applicant's exhibit booth, 2) booking hotel rooms within the ATD block, and 3) participating as a sponsor)
  • Date of receipt of application & deposit
  • Size of space
  • Degree of dealer interest in applicant product(s) and/or service(s)
  • Established business relationship with NADA/ATD or NADA Services Corporation (NADASC)
  • Percentage of similar services or products in entire show
  • Geographic market served by applicant
  • Applicant's product and/or service reputation among dealers
  • Number and validity of dealer complaints against applicant
  • Length of time applicant has been in operation
  • Financial and credit standing of applicant where available

ATD and NADA have sole and unlimited discretion over the assignment of booth location and space. Exhibitor understands that the preferences in display areas listed on the application/contract for booth space may not be available and that Exposition Management may assign alternate areas of similar size – see Section 6 of the Contract Terms & Conditions.