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ATD Members Are Invited to Attend NADA Show 2021

ATD Show will not be held in 2021
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ATD Members Are Invited to Attend NADA Show 2021

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Election Time at ATD
We must do everything we can to secure our future in the commercial truck industry, especially as we continue to recover from a global pandemic.
2020 Truck Dealer of the Year Oscar Horton Gives Indiana University Business Students Virtual Lecture
The guest lecture is part of the annual Truck Dealer of the Year award program, which offers the winner the opportunity to speak to business students with an interest in entrepreneurship.
ATD Truck Beat: Heavy-Duty Truck Sales Continue to Improve
Look for commercial truck sales to continue improving the rest of the year and into 2021.
Positive Sales Forecast for America’s Truck Dealers
Despite the challenges of this year, truck dealers continued to work hard to keep the ground fertile so that our markets could grow through even the toughest conditions.

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